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  • Janice RaymentJanice Rayment
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    Thank you for making it so the chosen columns are remembered when restarting Index Manager. But sometimes I find all columns get selected. Either on opening the programme or when I return to it after a break (but without having closed it down). Less annoying than previously but still a little.

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    The user interface is saved project-specifically. A different column selection in the index list can be useful for each project. When opening the program and a new project, the default selection (all columns) is displayed.
    Hope this explains the different column selections you obeserved.

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    Janice RaymentJanice Rayment
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    I’ve only been working on a single project. And once I didn’t even close the programme down – I went off for a couple of hours and found all columns were showing. It’s possible my computer had done a restart but there was no indication of anything else shutting down and reopening.

    Jan WrightJan Wright
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    This happens to me as well. I will get my Index window set up with number, entry, subentry, sub-sub, and page range columns. Then, if I do a search in the Index window, when I return to no filters, all the columns show again, and I have to right-click and hide the ones I don’t want. It’s a small issue, just a few clicks, but it would be nice if the Index window remembered my column choices after a search. This is on a Mac.

    And thank you Klarso for putting up forums for us!

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