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  • Rudy LeonRudy Leon
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    I MUST be missing something. It cannot possibly be true that every time I reopen idx my text document is at the beginning? Surely there’s a way to way to set it to open where I left off?

    I’m working in a (now unpaginated) 700 page document. This lack alone is enough to drive me back to DEXembed! Tell me there’s a way around that?

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    In Index Manager, every change is automatically saved in a work file (.idx file). When exporting, the logged information is embedded in the source document. After the export idx must be closed once and opened again to import the document with the now embedded index tags. I personally do this very rarely, perhaps after 800 to 1000 entries. Otherwise the program will be closed during longer breaks.
    You can quickly get back to the last place where you left off via the last created index entry.
    I usually have the index list sorted by the column No. with the last edited above. Click on the column heading No. and the entries will be displayed in the creation order. With a double click on the uppermost the text jumps to the last entry where you left off.

    Kirsty AdegboroKirsty Adegboro
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    I hope it’s ok to come back to such an old thread, but I’d like to highlight that although this method generally works, I have noticed an instance where it doesn’t work.

    In my (very long) document, I am indexing footnotes as I go along, by inserting entries into the footnotes themselves, ie, at the end of the document. When I reopen Index Manager (not every time, so possibly only after export, I can’t remember), and I sort by No. column in reverse, the footnote entries have been re-numbered and now appear at the top of the list! So in a very large document with lots of footnote entries, it can take considerable time (and energy) to trawl through and find my place again.

    Is there any way of avoiding this, other than remembering to perhaps put a ‘aaa’ entry in every time I have a break?

    Christian PiepenbrockChristian Piepenbrock
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    Of course it’s ok to come back to such an old thread. The footnotes are sometimes displayed at the end of a chapter or at the end of the document, depending on the markup in the Word document. It is therefore difficult to say what generally helps. In your case, have you tried to sort by Position column in reverse?
    Hope it works.

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