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  • Wendy Baskett
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    When I use the search box (Ctrl + F) and try to use the up and down arrows to navigate, the text doesn’t scroll to the next occurrence. Is it supposed to?

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    Good morning, Wendy. Before you click the arrow keys, you have to activate the text window once, i.e. just click somewhere in the middle of the text.
    When searching in the text window, please note that the search does not run across all imported documents, but only within the currently activated file.
    The context window or the word list functions work across all document texts.

    Wendy Baskett
    Post count: 24

    Thank you, Katharina! That’s helpful.

    Janice Rayment
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    Yes that is a help. I’m still struggling a little though.
    I know it’s possibly quite basic but could we consider having one of the webinars on this subject (again – I’m a slow learner!)?
    Many thanks,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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