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In the Welcome dialog, file window, you start your new project by selecting and importing the chapter file(s) already existing for the project via the File Explorer. After import in the project list the project is displayed with the number of files in brackets. If you get the first chapter later, click on the + button in the file window during the next import and add the file via the File Explorer. In the project list a new project is displayed, in brackets the new number. In Index-Manager per default the first loaded chapter-file is diplayeed in the text window. Open the structure window and select the other chapter(s) via one click on the chapter headings. In the text window you will find new tabs, which allow you to jump. The index preview combines the total index of all loaded files. During export, the index entries are inserted into their respective different files and can be sent to the client.
Hope this answer your question, if not let me know.