Index-Manager Manual

This free software manual contains a step-by-step guide for practical work with Index-Manager. It describes the general properties and major features of the software and takes you through the whole indexing process.

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Talks on Indexing

Index-Manager: better. faster. indexing.

The Index-Manager is a powerful tool for efficiently creating indexes and embedding index entries in the text. Dr. Katharina Munk demonstrates the most important functions of the Index Manager at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair.
Dr. Katharina Munk, Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, Oct. 2014

Download Presentation Prinz-5-Index-Manager-Katharina-Munk-Buchmesse-2014 (PDF, in German)

Index-Manager: embedded Indexing

What are the benefits of embedded index entries in digital publications? How can the Index Manager support companies, publishers and indexers in their work? The presentation will provide answers to these questions and show possible workflows in Word, Indesign and XML.
Dr. Katharina Munk, ASI Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2019

Download presentation “Embedded Indexing with Index-Manager” (PDF)
with embedded Video Tutorials  (83MB) or
without Videos (3MB).

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Announcement: 2022 ICRIS Conference, Berlin

October 2022, Berlin, Germany. The ICRIS (International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies) Conference, planned for 2021, has been postponed to Oct. 2022. Details will follow.

Announcement: 2021 ISC/SCI-Conference, online

May 27–29, 2021, online. Find program and registration for the annual ISC/SCI-Conference of the Indexing Society of Canada in the link. This year’s motto: “Indexing Unlimited”.

2019 ASI Annual Conference Scottsdale, Arizona

April 25–27, 2019, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Featuring Index-Manager Software Demo and Index Manager Tips and Tricks by Katharina Munk.

Software Review

Index Manager: An Overview

In her article, Pilar Wyman provides an overview of Index Manager’s many functionalities and her first experiences with the indexing software – and she tells of her acquaintance with Index Manager’s developers, Dr. Katharina Munk and Johannes Munk.
Pilar Wyman, Keywords – Journal of the American Society for indexing ASI, Vol. 28 No. 3 Fall 2020.

Download Article Index Managers: An Overview (PDF).

Cover of the Journal of the American Society for Indexing "Keywords" 28/2020


Mulvany, Nancy C.: Indexing Books. The University of Chicago Press. Second edition. 2005

Perlman, Janet: Indexing Tactics & Tidbits, An A to Z Guide. 2016. ISBN 978-1-75387-525-7
In this highly-recommended reference for indexing professionals, master indexer Janet Perlman presents a treasure trove of practical, in-depth explanations and advice. The author pays homage to the Hans Wellisch classic, Indexing from A to Z, while bringing her own in-depth, conversational style and a multitude of fresh topics to the table.

Bosschieter, Pierke: The Indexer, Volume 34, Number 3, September 2016, pp. 119-121(3), Index-Manager reviewed:

Pierke Bosschieter has been putting a German embedded indexing program, Index-Manager, through its paces. She is impressed with the results.

Franz, Susanne: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten mit Word 2013. Vierfarben Verlag, in German language.

The book “Scientific work with Word 2013” has so far only been published in German. In a separate chapter “Scientific registers with the Index-Manager” explains Ms. Franz the most important functions of the Index-Manager, such as import, create entries, register systematically, edit individual entries, edit the register and create cross-references. 

“While Word certainly provides sufficient basic functions for creating a register, you will notice at the latest when editing an extensive register that you often have to proceed very awkwardly …” – Susanne Franz

Bookcover of "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten mit Word 2013" by Susanne Franz

Greulich, Walter: Indexing mit Word, 2020, tredition Verlag, in German language.

The book has 344 pages and describes all interesting topics around indexing with Word. Addressed are

  • Professional indexers who are looking for an overview of indexing with Word or a detailed description of specific procedures and techniques,
  • People who (such as proofreaders, editors, and producers) use Word professionally and want to accomplish the task of creating an index as effectively as possible,
  • typesetters and layout artists who are interested in background information on the further processing of Word indexes,
  • authors who would like to know what to look out for when creating indexes in general and when indexing with Word in particular, as well as
  • Readers who want to create an index with Word for the first time, for example when writing a seminar paper or thesis.

The retail price of the book is 24.90 EUR. It can be ordered from the publisher or from bookstores.

Cover "Indexing mit Word 2020" by Walter Greulich

Index-Manager has been in use since 2012. We are delighted by the exceptionally positive response from our customers.


“This is all in all a very promising piece of software, with a multitude of possibilities for compiling embedded indexes. As the developer is perfectly willing to make changes to the software, it could become almost perfect.”

Pierke Bosschieter, Index-Manager reviewed, The Indexer

“It´s a pity noone came up with this idea earlier. ”

Editor, Publishing House

“I can no longer imagine my work without Index-Manager.”

professional Indexer