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    I do a lot of indexing of law books where I want case names and doctrines in italic but not the word “case” or “doctrine”. Is this as simple as creating the index action:
    <i>\1</i> doctrine
    (where 1, in this case would be Aranyosi)

    <i>\1</i> case
    (where one would be Dzodzi)

    So would I just highlight and make an entry of “Aranyosi” and “Dzodzi”, then apply my index action, resulting in Aranyosi(in italics), space, doctrine (not in italics)?

    Thank you

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    In the edit window you can try out new index actions very well. Simply drag & drop sample entries into the edit window. The left window displays the actual state, the right window shows the search and replace change live. Please don’t forget to select the rx if you are not looking for a simple string but a general regular expression.
    For the above example, the index entries look slightly modified like this: Aranyosi doctrine and Dzodzi case
    The correct input in the Edit/Index actions window is as follows:
    Search: (.+)(doctrine|case)
    Replace: <i>\1</i>\2

    If the index action is used both in the main entry and in the subentry, two index actions must be created, which then differ in the column selection.
    I add the example to the index actions list in the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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