Fast and easy indexing — Index-Manager’s main features

The Index-Manager YouTube videos demonstrate the most important functions of Index-Manager. Download the transcripts for added step-by-step instruction.

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Video-Tutorial 1: Import (First steps)

  • import and open files
  • adapt layout, add or remove windows,
    adjust size and position

Tutorial 1 transcript ↓: Import

Video-Tutorial 2: Indexing

  • toolbar functions
  • main- and subheadings
  • index names, page formats and -range

Tutorial 2 transcript ↓: Indexing

Video-Tutorial 3: Help, Shortcuts, and Index Actions

  • contextual help
  • individual keys for shortcuts
  • new index actions

Tutorial 3 transcript ↓: Help, Shortcuts, and Index Actions

Video-Tutorial 4: Editing

  • verify the index, delete, standardize entries via
  • index list
  • index preview
  • edit mode

Tutorial 4 transcript ↓: Editing

Video-Tutorial 5: Cross references

  • cross reference editor
  • new cross references
  • warning signals

Tutorial 5 transcript ↓: Cross references

Video-Tutorial 6: Word list

  • filter options, e.g. paragraph and character formats
  • one click, streamline production of name or place indexes

Tutorial 6 transcript ↓: Word List

Video-Tutorial 7: Export

  • export window
  • work files
  • archive folder
  • several indexes (InDesign)

tutorial 7 transcript ↓: Export

Index-Manager has been in use since 2012. We are delighted by the exceptionally positive reception from customers.

“This is all in all a very promising piece of software, with a multitude of possibilities for compiling embedded indexes. As the developer is perfectly willing to make changes to the software, it could become almost perfect.”
Pierke Bosschieter, Index-Manager reviewed, The Indexer

“It´s a pity noone came up with this idea earlier. ”

Editor, Publishing House

“I can no longer imagine my work without Index-Manager.”

professional Indexer

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