Tutorials for Index-Manager

Fast and easy indexing — Index-Manager’s main features

The Index-Manager YouTube videos demonstrate the most important functions of Index-Manager. Download the transcripts for added step-by-step instruction.

Video-Tutorial 1: Import (First steps)

  • import and open files
  • adapt layout, add or remove windows,
    adjust size and position

Tutorial 1 transcript ↓: Import

Video-Tutorial 2: Indexing

  • toolbar functions
  • main- and subheadings
  • index names, page formats and -range

Tutorial 2 transcript ↓: Indexing

Video-Tutorial 3: Help, Shortcuts, and Index Actions

  • contextual help
  • individual keys for shortcuts
  • new index actions

Tutorial 3 transcript ↓: Help, Shortcuts, and Index Actions

Video-Tutorial 4: Editing

  • verify the index, delete, standardize entries via
  • index list
  • index preview
  • edit mode

Tutorial 4 transcript ↓: Editing

Video-Tutorial 5: Cross references

  • cross reference editor
  • new cross references
  • warning signals

Tutorial 5 transcript ↓: Cross references

Video-Tutorial 6: Word list

  • filter options, e.g. paragraph and character formats
  • one click, streamline production of name or place indexes

Tutorial 6 transcript ↓: Word List

Video-Tutorial 7: Export

  • export window
  • work files
  • archive folder
  • several indexes (InDesign)

tutorial 7 transcript ↓: Export

Index-Manager has been in use over four years. We are delighted by the exceptionally positive reception from customers.

Schade, dass nicht schon viel früher jemand auf diese Idee gekommen ist.

Lektorin, Sachbuchverlag

Ohne Index-Manager kann ich mir meine Arbeit nicht mehr vorstellen.

professionelle Indexerin

This is all in all a very promising piece of software, with a multitude of possibilities for compiling embedded indexes. As the developer is perfectly willing to make changes to the software, it could become almost perfect.

Pierke Bosschieter, Index-Manager reviewed, The Indexer

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