Index-Manager Freelancer 1-year license

349.00  349.00 

License period is 12 months
2 installations for 1 user.
Standard support via email.
Updates and Upgrades
File formats: .docx, .docm, .idml

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Freelance editors and Indexers can save time and money on indexing, with the 12-month license. Index-Manager is your software for professional indexing.

The license period is 12 months and ends automatically.

For a flexible working environment 2 installations are provided for 1 user.

This license includes standard support via email.

Updates and Upgrades are included during subscription time.

Index-Manager supports the following file formats: Microsoft Word (.docx, .docm), Adobe InDesign (.idml)

 System requirements

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, MacOS 10.14 +, and Linux on request
  • 4 GB free RAM
  • Recommended display resolution of 1600 × 800 or higher
  • Version: 3.9.22
  • Filesize: ~40 MB