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Demo Version

Free 14-day trial version.

  • With the registration you can download Index-Manager and you will receive your license key.
  • To verify the license key and activate the software, an internet connection is required.
  • Please note: During the free 14-day trial period, the Index-Manager’s export function is activated!
  • Help and support: You can find useful tips for professional indexing with the Index-Manager in the contextual help within the Index-Manager, the Video tutorials and in the „FAQ“. In addition, our support team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • License pricing: We offer short-time licenses for freelancers and 12-month licenses for freelancers and companies/institutions.
  • Purchase will extend an existing trial license, you don’t have to download again.
Requirements Specifications
Version 3.9.22
File size ~40 MB
System requirements Windows 7, 10, 11; MacOS 10.15 +; Linux on request; 4 GB free RAM
Payment Free 14-day trial version; then (e.g. 3-month, 12-month) license
Display resolution Recommended: 1600 x 800 or higher
Additional information FAQs, video tutorials, live webinars and contextual help within the Index-Manager

Manual (Version: November 2019)

This manual contains a step-by-step guide for practical work with Index-Manager. It describes the general properties and major features of the software and takes you through the whole indexing process.
The context help in the user interface of Index-Manager explains the functions of the individual buttons and windows.

Getting Started

Follow along six easy steps to install and get to know basic Index-Manager functions.
You’ll be able to try out functions and export before starting your first real indexing project.

Planned updates in development

  • Index preview for multiple indexes

  • Multi-user, database-based central repository for files and protocols

  • Correcting spelling errors in the full text

  • Archive Manager: Interface in the import dialog for managing archived data

List of Changes

Version 3.9.22 (3rd January 2022)

  • Context-Window: HTML entities are converted correctly

  • Index-Transfer: position of transferred index entries corrected

Version 3.9.05 (28th July 2021)

  • Windows: fixed program crashes

Version 3.9.01 (26th May 2021)

  • Windows: fixed program freezes

Version 3.8.63 (11th May 2021)

  • Windows: fixed text display crashes

  • Word: Footnotes and endnotes linkages fixed

Version 3.8.55 (31th March 2021)

  • Windows: fixed text display and performance problems due to incompatibility of some intel graphics card drivers

  • Context window: Text snippets are displayed in tabular form so that actions in other widgets are not slowed down

Version 3.8.36 (16th February 2021)

  • MS Word: Warning for invalid page range bookmark inserted preventing crashes

Version 3.8.25 (11th December 2020)

  • InDesign endnotes re-integrated

  • Qt framework update

Version 3.6.76 (17th August 2020)

  • DocBook format re-integrated

  • Index List and sections panel (Word List): New column with document / file names

  • Multi selection of the same term for several entries fixed

  • Search in full text Window: search term and highlighted hits are completely deleted when the window is closed

  • Word list: Register name is applied to all created entries in case of multiple selection (F6 and F7)

Version 3.4.35 (30th September 2019 conference edition)

  • Cross-reference window: Duplicate and swap option for see also cross-references available

  • Cross-references: Warning before closing if no identical target entry can be found

  • User-interface: enlarge/maximize, minimize button for windows moved to another screen

  • fixed: autocompletion for the index input field

  • Delete button for filter input fields in index and edit window

Version 3.3.18 (1st February 2019)

  • Filter option in the Cross-reference window fixed

  • Activation of the function “Adopt to previous anchor” fixed

Version 3.3.10 (29th November 2018)

  • User Interface: Layout setting saved for the column selection of the index list even after a search. The column selected for the search has an italic column title.

  • Index-Actions and duplicate are available in the Edit window

  • InDesign: To define the page range, first letter of a paragraph has a larger font size.

  • Adopt previous anchor: Selecting this function in the index toolbar (triangle drop down menu) places all following entries at the last used anchor position.

  • The Index-Preview jumps to the initial letter of the heading.

  • Highlighting of the selected terms in the text window is more intense.

Version 3.2.99 (25th October 2018)

  • InDesign, fixed: loss of forced sorting information by re-import in Index-Manager.

  • User Interface: Layout setting saved for the column selection of the index list. Default number of columns in the Index-Preview window is 1.

Version 3.2.94 (15th September 2018)

  • fixed: doubled cross-reference entries by multiple export without closing and program restart

Version 3.2.75 (16th July 2018)

  • DocX: colons in entries

Version 3.2.64 (22nd Mai 2018)

  • fixed: page range information adopted to further entries

Version 3.2.56 (11th April 2018)

  • fixed: removing multiple Crossrefs from XML

  • creating crossrefs from levels with equal-sign

  • fixed: index-editing works again for multiple selections

Version 3.2.45 (2nd February 2018)

  • DocBook adaptation, XSLT transformation

Version 3.2.41 (24st January 2018)

  • Default button in index-action editor: inserts a list↓ of useful functions like swap level, initial caps…

  • Duplicated “see also’s” in entries with cross-references and page-range fixed

  • IDML: Page-Range, number of sections and paragraphs fixed

  • IDML: Forced sortorder by “;” like for DocX

  • IDML: Element Box and table content display fixed

  • New shortcuts for “page range end” and “update entry”

  • “to lower case button” in index toolbar as toggle button

  • Regular expressions extended by U/L for e.g. index-function “initial caps”

  • Display of quotation marks as special character enforced

Version 3.2.12 (21st November 2017)

  • User token: enables simultanous working on one file with several users

  • MacOS: Widget reposition fixed

  • Import crash fixed – wrong name accepted in a Word heading field function

Version 3.1.68 (12th July 2017)

  • Structure window: New columns specifying the number of words and entries in every chapter, in color are chapters without entries

  • DocX: Space (xml-space-preserve) integrated to allow format tags like bold and italic within an entry

Version 3.1.64 (14th June 2017 Conferences-Edition)

  • Register-Import: Batch mode

  • Improved anchor resolution from workfile

  • DocX: support for entry anchors at start of paragraph

  • DocX: indexname encoding for crossreferences fixed

  • Moved license backend to klarso.

Version 3.0.34 (3rd September 2016 “The Indexer”-Edition)

  • Swap- and LowerCase-Button

  • Keyboard-Shortcut settings

  • IDML: order stories according to position on spread

  • IDML: improved table layout

  • Qt 5.7.0

Version 2.9.20 (November 24, 2015)

  • New compiler MSVC2015 and Qt 5.5.1

  • Crash on Register-edit in non-loaded files fixed

Version 2.8.75 (Oktober 05, 2015 Book Fair Edition)

  • improved performance for index actions

  • update edit windows on actions

  • DocX: crossreferences in footnotes

  • DocX: Bookmark-Crash fixed

  • IDML: Styling improved

Version 2.7.50 (January 21, 2015 New Year Edition)

  • Performance of indexing in wordlist improved

  • Selection of occurrences to index ()

  • Term-Wordlist-Filter

  • DocX: Wrong spaces around index-entries fixed

Version 2.5.78 (August 29, 2014)

  • Proxy for License-dialog

  • Word list filter files syntax reduced

  • cross-references by encoded IDML-index name

  • DblClick selection of words at the beginning of certain lines

Version 2.5.48 (July 11, 2014)

  • Autocompletion for index entries and cross-references

  • IDML: support of several indexes (encoded in the subentry)

  • DocX: Handling of Word fields and subtitles

  • DocX: supports end- and footnotes

  • New license options: word list Phrases and import of seperate end-of-the book-index

  • Multi-document text-window (tabbed)

  • Successive selection of index entries for editing, alternative possible via Drag’n’Drop

Version 2.4.52 (May 6, 2014)

  • Crossreferences: Bulk-Import

  • Import: docm extension for docx

  • UI: Highlighting of similar values in sorted column

  • Export: Crossreferences without existing index-entry

  • Export: indexentries after anchor update

  • Export: indexentry position in same textnode

Version 2.4.38 (April 6, 2014)

  • New License-Model

  • Wordcontext for selected Index-Entries

  • IDML: userdefined Crossreferences, Crossreference Import

  • DblClick Indexentries in textview to edit

  • Improved Import-speed

  • User Interface: order of columns preserved

Version 2.2.86 (October 11, 2013 Book Fair Special)

  • New Edit-Window (regular Expressions and Preview)

  • Direct Editing in Index-Preview-Window

  • Column-Picker in Index-List (right mouse on column-header)

  • Index-List: New column “Gesamteintrag” for RegExp-Search

  • Action editor (Extras->Index-Aktionen) for RegExp-Actions

  • Nester-Window showing cross referenced nests

  • DocX: italic and bold entrylevels

  • DocX: sortorder by “;”

  • Wordlist-Filter reworked

Version 2.2.32 (September 09, 2013)

  • English translation for the userinterface

  • Clearing of the inputfields after creating an entry now optional

Version 2.2.20 (July 27, 2013)

  • Existing cross-references from .docx files are recognized

Version 2.1.81 (June 14, 2013)

  • Index entries with page ranges (both docx and idml)

  • Cross-reference editor (entries can be moved and switched)

  • Supports multiple indexes (name, place, etc.)(docx only)

  • Status for entry in work file instead of error log

  • Word List: recognized connected words (e.g. with hyphen)

  • Update check upon start – message in menu bar if available

  • Interface: column headers now freely shiftable

  • DocX: Improved text extraction

  • IDML: Improved support for inline formatting

  • Verification now SSL-protected and cache-oblivious

  • German User Guide updated

Version 1.9.02 (March 6, 2013)

  • Index entries can be formatted (italics, bold)

  • Index entries and cross-references can be reversed also in docx export

  • Extended expansion of the Word List filter: “Reduce to…” and “Exclude…”

  • Word List: Automatic creation of index entries for all occurrences of a keyword

  • Logging of import errors und warnings in revised log window und log files

  • Export of “fresh” work files

  • Better support for .docx formatting

  • Display for Word “Track change” markers

Dr. Katharina Munk
Dr. Katharina Munk