Index-Manager for One-Time Users

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Scientific publications need an index

Are you a doctoral student or scientific author and are preparing your dissertation, your book or books, your detailed (congress) report for publication at a publishing house? In order to make scientific information accessible to readers, a detailed index for your work is indispensable. Your publisher expects you as the author to insert appropriate index entries or the index into the document.

 … and you need help with indexing

You have written your work in Microsoft Word. Word offers its own index functions. As you will soon notice, they are cumbersome and inadequate — especially the time-consuming index corrections and the missing index overview.

Index Manager supports you here:

  • Numerous functions allow efficient indexing.
  • With the live preview, you have an overview of the overall index and can correct it directly and quickly at any time.
  • Once you have completed the index work, you can export the index entries to the Word document with a single click.

The index entries have Word’s own format so that the publisher can normally continue its publication workflow and the index can be used for both digital and print publication.

Help and Support

  • The intuitive user interface allows you to work efficiently in no time at all.
  • With the integrated context help, you can quickly learn the functions of individual windows and buttons,
  • the complete work steps are explained clearly in YouTube videos, and
  • if there are any questions left, you have the opportunity to ask them personally in the free online webinars that take place every 14 days.

Now it’s your turn!

Download the 14-day trial version with full functionality. If you need longer for your index, you have a cost-effective option with the short-term license.

Dr. Katharina Munk

Katharina Munk, a trained biologist, has worked since 1992 as a lecturer, author, editor, and indexer on large projects in biology and medicine. She initiated and has been closely involved in the development of Index Manager (Idx) since its inception. The first version of Index Manager was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012.